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What will happen if a person were live in a complete darkness without light for a day?  This experimental project were initiated from those question. To prove the consequence effect, I had spending twenty four hours inside a solitary confinement. Which is a form of imprisonment torture in which an inmate is isolated from any human contact in a pitch black and soundproofed cell.


“Cage” is a simulation of my thought aiming to express my feeling and hallucination from the solitary confinement and visualizing those experiences into an interactive audio visual installation. To bring the audiences submerged in a deeply immersive space and feel both relieved and frustrated, based on the experiences I encountered.  


It is an interactive installation that will track the position of audiences inside the space, allow the laser beam to trap an individual person inside a small cage.

Designed / Created by

Palodh Pitanpitayarat

Sound by

Palodh Pitanpitayarat

Programmed by

Palodh Pitanpitayarat


Photographed / Documented by

Palodh Pitanpitayarat



4m x 3m x 4m

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