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Future Scape

I was wondering if the technology keep developing, and bring us to the more advanced life. Will our society be surrounded with hi-technology gadgets? or a wasted from unwanted past. 

From my point of view I feel like that human demand is limitless. We will never be satisfied with what we already have. Human will consumes all the resources and cut down all the trees to full-fill their needs. But soon when we realize, it was too late. The nature is gone and never to be return. The new generation of human will never be able to perceives what is nature anymore.  

But human ambitious is also limitless. After we realize what happened we will try and attempt to solve what we had done. I want this installation to be the reminder to everyone that nature cannot be replaceable. This installation may not look like the real tree but it were created with ambitious of human being trying to push the boundary of impossible. It is both repulsive and beautiful.




Designed / Created by

Palodh Pitanpitayarat

Prad Modpradit

Wutthipat Onaree

Visarut Tantiyatorn

Kim Chungsung


Photographed / Documented by

Palodh Pitanpitayarat



4m x 4m x 5m

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