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Heineken 0.0 Barcade

Heineken lauching event of 0% alcohol under the theme of arcade game which contain 4 Interactive game that simulate a situation when normally it is not possible to drink alcohol. 

Shut the call up : simulate a messy desk on a busy working day.

Messy Kitchen : cleaning dirty kitchen a situation where new parents might be familiar.

Shadow Yoga : for health lover to test your yoga skill.

Traffic Dance : driving dance game, follow the traffic light!







JWT Bangkok

Creative & Design Director

Eyedropper Fill

Managing Director

Nuntawat Jarusruangnil

Executive Creative Director

Wattanapume Laisuwanchai

Project Manager

Pondchanok Tanrattanapong

Project Coordinator

Ploy Tnp

Creative Director

Tinnawat Chankloi

Audio Visual Director

Krerkrit Pavichai

Spatial Designer

Phee Rungpiriyadej


Creative Technologist

Palodh Pitanpitayarat

Multimedia Developer

Palodh Pitanpitayarat

Devman Co.,Ltd.

Natthakit Kimbab Kang

Motion Graphic Designer

From / Object / to studio

Music Composer

Wissanu Likitsathaporn

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