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Quark IV

Quark capture and visualize aeromechanics and fluid mechanics movement with lighting particle in the air, resulted from a variety of experiments in a closed environment probing the relationship between art and science. They further compel an array of associations to with infinitude and the cosmos with electrical automation components.

Arrangement of reflective pigment, light, glass, structures, and automated electrical components. Dry pigment, which is all but shiny dust display a different mode of suspending and shaping , The effect is contained, mesmerizing field of swirling illuminated and sparkling specks. The reflective dust in either air or water, shaped by wind, turbulence or heat, and beaming light into it. The pigment is small enough as to disappear when not illuminated. Quark IV also added feature of multiple color in the relation of the photon, light as both a particle and wave in Quantum mechanics. The length of wave determine the color of light, and in Quark IV, visualization of Cosmo's wonder, also discussed by this spectrum component, as reference of Black hole's light color as red due to the wave lenth. 

The shape of the installation was inspired by Particle Accelerator of beam format which is a device that uses electromagnetic fields to propel charged particles to high speeds and to contain them in well-defined beams.

QUARK lend themselves for interrogating the relationship between matter and thought and the mental attitudes that influence and shape the understanding of a specifiic ecological environment




Designed / Created by

Eiji Sumi


Sound by

Hiroshi Miyata


Programmed by

Palodh Pitanpitayarat

Go Ueda


Photograph / Document by

Phasin Sudjai

Kelley Van Dilla

Hiroshi Miyata


8m x 0.6m x 0.6m

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