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Reung Loy

Reung Loy by Eyedropper Fill is the built form for the Sonic Elements sound installation representing water, hosting the ‘Voices in the Humboldt Current’ soundscape by renowned field recordist Chris Watson. Floating in the middle of the lake, the space acts as a fluid membrane mimicking the water surface, encouraging people to lie down and immerse in a 20 minutes sound journey to be one with water—both spatially and spiritually.





Wonderfruit festival

Creative & Design Director

Eyedropper Fill

Managing Director

Nuntawat Jarusruangnil

Executive Creative Director

Wattanapume Laisuwanchai

Project Manager

Pondchanok Tanrattanapong

Creative Director

Tinnawat Chankloi

Audio Visual Director

Krerkrit Pavichai

Spatial Designer

Hutsama Juntaratana


Creative Technologist

Palodh Pitanpitayarat

Multimedia Developer

Palodh Pitanpitayarat

Music Composer

Chris Watson

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